Print addon (if ordered separately): $50
Graphic: $15
Audiobook cover (based on existing ebook cover): $20
Four graphic media pack: $50


Premium Stock Photo Providers:

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Jenn LeBlanc
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Please note that when booking, you are booking your slot for the day, and not the exact time your cover will be delivered. Your cover will be delivered anytime during the day you’ve selected.

All of the services I provide start with the creation of a digital ebook cover. Each ebook cover will come with the following specifications:

File Size and Type: I will provide a .JPG image with the dimensions of 6 x 9 inches or 1800 by 2700 pixels. I will also provide smaller sizes for other marketplaces (Kobo, Smashwords, etc) upon request.

Style: I love collaborating with authors, so if there are any specific style elements or design you want to see in your cover, please let me know during the initial design interview process.

Exclusivity: While I cannot guarantee exclusive rights to any particular stock image, I can guarantee that the cover design you will receive is unique to you. Basic stock images will appear very differently from the original through photo manipulation, image element use, and other stylistic choices specific to your book cover. No design, pre-made or custom, will ever be resold. I do not use templates.